We aim to increase health 

equity for trans people, starting now

Trans Health 

Equity Alliance


Our goal is to reduce barriers to finding excellent trans-affirming  and -competent primary care


Colored umbrellas that are being held up to hide people's faces.

It can be difficult to find primary care providers that incorporate basic gender-affirming medical care into primary practice, impacting the quality of care trans people receive

Uncertainty around potential bias and negative experiences with prior providers further keep trans people  from seeking care


A healthcare provider and a trans person talking in a doctor's office.

It needs to be easy for trans people to find and access high quality trans-competent primary care providers 

Our mission is to improve the quality of healthcare for transgender people by identifying and expanding the pool of excellent primary care doctors that are known to provide gender-affirming primary care


5 hands touching each other. They have varying colors of shirt sleeves and one of them is wearing a bracelet around their sleeve.

We are working to systematically identify excellent primary care providers who provide trans-friendly, trans-competent primary care

We are using direct provider outreach and community involvement. A provider database will be available soon, incorporating various aspects of gender-affirming care available