The Need 

Trans people face significant health inequities.  Almost 50% of trans adults experience discrimination from health care providers.  Further, 25% experience a health care provider refusing to provide gender-affirming medication (University of Chicago and the Center for American Progress, 2020).  

This creates barriers to access.  Almost a quarter of trans adults avoid seeking needed medical care and 40% avoid preventative screening due to fear of discrimination. The discomfort and concern trans people when visiting a doctor stemming from not knowing if they will receive trans-competent or gender-affirming care often lead trans people to avoid accessing care. 

Simply finding a primary health care provider that is friendly and provides high quality care, is difficult for many trans people. Often trans-competent health care is siloed to certain providers or health clinics.  

To overcome these health inequities, trans people need to be able to easily find excellent primary care providers who provide gender-affirming medication and general healthcare without stigma or bias. 

A trans man and two trans women are together in a photo
A trans man leaning against a brick wall.
Two trans women embracing. They are both wearing coats, and one of them is wearing a hat.
A trans man is hugging his two kids.
An older trans women is standing in front of a wall with her hands crossed.